. . . Thursday August 3, 2006

Reborn Identity

We just relaunched – Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine – and it’s getting a great response, especially our new RollBar that lets you search any site you’re on and much more.

Here are some more highlights of the relaunch:

Better Layout
Now it’s easier to access Searchrolls. Long time users will see a few extra rolls on their start page. You can customize these selections in our new Dashboard section.

Blog Search
We’ve added blog search to the mix. Now you get the latest results from news sites and blogs and the most relevant matches in your custom web results.

Total Control
You can now edit any Searchroll on Rollyo and make it your own.

Roll Bar
Drag your entire Rollyo experience onto your browser. Search any site, use your rolls wherever you are, add sites to Searchrolls on the fly.

There’s much more. Check it out.

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