. . . Saturday June 3, 2006

The Other Fight

Evil-Doers and border guarding vigilantes make for more interesting headlines but the real battle of this generation is probably not terrorism (or Iraq or the war on drugs, ha, or side details like immigration). It’s a topic that is often discussed in the past tense in the U.S.

It’s AIDS:

Since June 5, 1981, HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has killed more than 25 million people, infected 40 million others and left a legacy of unspeakable loss, hardship, fear and despair.

Its spread was hastened by ignorance, prejudice, denial and the freedoms of the sexual revolution. Along the way from oddity to pandemic, AIDS changed they way people live and love…

In the worst case, sub-Saharan Africa, it has been devastating. And the next 25 years of AIDS promise to be deadlier than the first.

AIDS could kill 31 million people in India and 18 million in China by 2025, according to projections by U.N. population researchers. By then in Africa, where AIDS likely began and where the virus has wrought the most devastation, researchers said the toll could reach 100 million.

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