. . . Thursday June 29, 2006

Judging the Bad Guys

If you were an African leader who refused to be proactive about the fight the AIDS epidemic, are you worse than Saddam and even Osama? The numbers would sure suggest as much. It could have been slowed dramatically.

What if you were an administration official who appointed a former energy lobbyist to an EPA job to make sure companies who had dirty power plants could keep them that way to make an extra buck (regardless of the number of kids who would get asthma and who would suffer and maybe die)? What if you denied the climate change trend?

Where would you rank?

Or maybe you’re an executive who markets cigarettes to teens. Or pharmaceutical company that tests products on people in third world countries (hey it’s how business is done, all in a day’s work, someone’s got to do it, etc.).

With all the talk of evil and resulting military measures, doesn’t it make sense to at least look at the numbers? Where are the most people being killed and/or put at risk and by whom?

Concentration is important!