. . . Monday May 1, 2006

Truthiness Without Funniness?

Did Stephen Colbert cross some imaginary line during his roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

Or was it just sort of unfunny for the most part?

Maybe both. Maybe it was just sort of funny but really cool in terms of how far Colbert pushed it. Those of use who watch the Comedy Central line-up regularly have probably grown desensitized to this type of humor, but believe me folks, this wasn’t Leno.

I watched the whole thing. I didn’t really laugh, although I nodded a lot. There were good lines, yes, but not really laugh out loud good lines. Take a look for yourself.

There was a lengthy video bit that flopped hardcore. How can a video piece flop when it’s produced by folks who do funny television and have plenty of time to produce it?

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the Friar’s Club. I kept waiting for someone to make reference to Bea Arthur’s dick and it never happened…

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