. . . Sunday April 9, 2006

Ah Yeah, You’d Think

Given the generally good times we’ve had out here in internet land, you’d think the folks you’d run a across would be pretty grateful that they live in a place and/or a time when and/or where they could participate in such a cool revolution.

You’d also think you’d run across a lot of people who have been seriously humbled by the amount of dough they’ve been able to accumulate in a very short time due in large part to the incredible luck of the moment.

You’d also think that in an industry that spends so much time considering communication and social networks, that you’d run across a lot of folks who are pretty cool and friendly when you meet them in person.

And you’d even think that, to a certain extent, since a lot of us were nerds who weren’t all that popular in the pre-web days that there’d be a pretty serious effort to treat others with a bit of dignity.

Ah Yeah, you’d think.

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