. . . Thursday March 30, 2006

A Challenge to Bloggers Everywhere

I issue this challenge to bloggers.

Let’s set a new goal.

From this day forth, any blogger who is writing an entry for public consumption must either get the facts right or provide some analysis of those facts that is accurate, logical or at least makes a little sense.

Let me make this clear. I am not suggesting that a blogger do both of these things.

For example, you can get your basic facts totally wrong as long as your analysis and strong opinions related to those wrong facts are solid.


You can get the facts right, but then come up with conclusions that make no sense whatsoever.

All I am suggesting here is that you do not get the facts wrong and then throw in a ridiculously unclear and unsupported opinion or analysis based on those falsities.


Of course, I only make this call for blog posts on subjects I actually know something about. For the rest of the stuff, feel free to stick with the wrong facts slash bad analysis. It’s incredibly entertaining.

Concentration is important!