. . . Wednesday February 8, 2006

What if Michaels was the Problem?

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the now departed from ABC Al Michaels (as good as he is at some things) might have been the problem with Monday Night Football?

Just a thought.

I think Michaels is a great broadcaster, but I don’t look forward to hearing him on MNF. He just doesn’t seem right to me and he never has. Like most hardcore football fans, I can barely take Madden. But he was never so bad as he was paired with Michaels. And I thought Dan Fouts was brutal. But it turns out he’s pretty damn good paired with Keith Jackson covering the college games.
The smart half of my brain (Ok, it’s less than half…) loves Michaels for his delivery and intelligence. But the football half of my brain is sort of bored by his broadcasts.

Now Michaels is gone. Congrats to Mike Tirico who will get the gig. But it’s too bad they didn’t just give it to Mike Patrick who has been calling ESPN games for the past several years. In fact, too bad they didn’t just keep that Sunday night crew together, move them to Monday nights and keep it all on the network.

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