. . . Saturday February 4, 2006

If Crud is Worth Streaming…

According to the fine folks over at TV Squad, NBC will be streaming the unaired versions of the cancelled show The Book of Daniel:

Coming shortly after the show got axed from NBC’s broadcast schedule comes word the unaired episodes of The Book of Daniel will be streamed online for the next three weeks.

If this makes sense for weak shows that went largely unwatched, then why wouldn’t it make sense for the near misses?

The networks put big bucks behind shows and build huge (by any other standards than theirs) audiences. So when it comes to those shows just don’t quite make the cut, why not move the unaired episodes – and perhaps another season or two of new shows – online or to iTunes, or both?

Is a show like Arrested Development not worth more alive than dead? Why hasn’t television adjusted to the lengthening tail?

We now know people will pay for this content. Why slam the door shut on a line of customers with their credits cards out?

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