. . . Tuesday February 14, 2006

Dick, Dick Goose

Look, I am a goddamn vegetarian. My relationship with my cats is considered – at the very least – to be unholy by most normal people (if it came down to your life or the life of Mister Winters, you’d be in some serious trouble).

So I am that animal-loving, vegan faux-leather wallet carrying left winger you’ve been hearing about.

That said, the coverage of the Cheney hunting accident has been beyond absurd and provides a perfect example of why so many people hate politics, the media and political media.

Is it my imagination, or is the media being more hard-hitting and aggressive about this story than they were in the lead-up to the war?

The public’s right to immediately know about a private incident between the Veep and friend? The controversy over whether the Veep had all the right licenses? Please.

All we need now is to find out that Mike Brown was the guy who loaded the friggin gun.

I’m bored. When’s Michael Jackson coming home…..

Concentration is important!