. . . Thursday January 5, 2006

Gates: Google Who?

Bill Gates on the competition:

“The biggest company in the computer industry by far is IBM. They have the four times the employees that I have, way more revenues than I have. IBM has always been our biggest competitor. The press just doesn’t like to write about IBM.”

Maybe the press is too busy using Google with Firefox on a Mac?

Gates had more to say on Google in an interview with Computing Magazine:

“Which Google products are you talking about? Seriously? Other than search, which are you talking about? Google Talk? Wow. A total “me too” product. Even Gmail – what is the unique thing?

We need to surprise people and do a search that is way better than Google, and we are very on top of that. The idea of development tools, a natural interface, productivity software – Google is not in any of those categories. People are acting as if they will magically be in these other categories with something more than a “me too” offering. It is kind of fun that people underestimate what we are going to do here.

The number of times people have written our death warrant – every four or five years. Now they have a new person’s name on it: it was Netscape, it was Novell, it was IBM, it was Ashton Tate, it was Lotus. There have been many names. The old saying is – tell me where I am going to die, so I will be sure not to go there.

Just as Word competed with WordPerfect and Excel with Lotus 1-2-3, we have had some fantastic competitors. IBM said it would put us out of business with OS/2 – what were they, 10 times our size? I hope someone has kept a copy of that for the museum.

Google is great, they are smart people, the press should continue to feed their arrogance as much as possible.

They say they are going to organise the world’s information. Well, we don’t think that is our job. We think you need to get tools to editors and subject experts to let them organise the world’s information. There is a bit of a philosophy difference here. The only sure winner is the consumer.”

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