. . . Monday January 23, 2006

Alone in the New World

Hollywood is in the business of creating stars, fitting them into a package and then selling that package to movie-goers.

Colin Farrell is the hot, edgy, bad boy that hits right at the sweetspot of American movie audiences (teens) and we can’t get enough, right?


It turns out that Colin Farrell doesn’t move tickets. Think of the big budget box office flops with which he’s been the associated. Swat, not. Alexander, not so great. Phone booth, don’t take that call.

Yes, he’s done decent numbers as a co-star to the likes of Tom Cruise (Minority Report), but as a headliner, he hasn’t pulled in audiences in sizes that match his superstar, badboy rep.

OK, but maybe it’s just a matter of picking bad movies. Maybe no one sees these movies because of bad buzz, right?


Farrell’s latest flick, The New World, has been getting pretty solid reviews. But it still only managed to pull in a cool four million over the weekend.

How long do you get to be considered a major star even when ticket buyers are not buying tickets? So far, Colin’s sex tape is the only one of his movies that’s exceeded expectations (and that’s mostly because it’s a whole lot more funny than anyone had anticipated).

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