. . . Thursday December 15, 2005

What if They Don’t Want Their MTV?

So MTV is close to launching their much anticipated music service which will be powered by Microsoft.

In other words, no it will not work with iTunes.

So you’ve got the arbiter of cool choosing MP3 players that are short of the coolest. Given iTunes closed world, the move might make some sense.

But what if iTunes wins? I mean what if the young kids stick with the iPod and stay away from this massive play by MTV?

Will we have a new home of cool? — Not that we’re not already leaning in that direction, but it’s one thing to be cooler than Real or Napster and another thing to be cooler than MTV.

And if Apple can dominate the battle of the cool for young minds when it comes to music, maybe those laptop and desktop sales will go up as well?

Oh yeah, and then there’s that video content folks have been downloading lately…

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