. . . Monday November 21, 2005

The Measuring (Carrot and) Stick

In this week’s The New Yorker, Laura Secor writes about the collapse of the reform movement in Iran.

The article brings up a broader question:

By what standard do we measure success in the so-called war again terrorism?

Wouldn’t a hard move away from democracy and freedom in Iran be a strike against the effort?

What else should be in formula?

How safe are Americans from the threat of a terrorist attack?

How safe are other innocent civilians around the world?

Is the overall number of terrorists growing or decreasing?

Are governments in countries that support terrorist activities moving away from that stance or digging in?

What else?

Doesn’t it seem a bit stange that we’ve never really seen a multi-point plan or a set of clear goals when it comes to winning the what we’re told is the war of our lives?

Concentration is important!