. . . Wednesday November 16, 2005

John McCain on Torture (and Leadership)

If this John McCain piece in Newsweek can be read as his anouncement that he is running for president in ’08, I think he’s gone a long way towards getting my vote (still love to see a split ticket … McCain/Biden?). Read it. Aside from being thoughtful and smart, it is also about as far as you can get from the political plague of this era: the politics of personal derstruction.

It is also quite fair to attribute the administration’s position—that U.S. interrogators be allowed latitude in their treatment of enemy prisoners that might offend American values—to the president’s and vice president’s appropriate concern for acquiring actionable intelligence that could prevent attacks on our soldiers or our allies or on the American people. And it is quite unfair to assume some nefarious purpose informs their intentions. They bear the greatest responsibility for the security of American lives and interests. I understand and respect their motives just as I admire the seriousness and patriotism of their resolve. But I do, respectfully, take issue with the position that the demands of this war require us to accord a lower station to the moral imperatives that should govern our conduct in war and peace when they come in conflict with the unyielding inhumanity of our vicious enemy.

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