. . . Wednesday November 30, 2005


Crips co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams’ plea to the Ca Supreme Court has been rejected.

Assuming a federal court will not intervene (a wildly safe assumption), only Gov Arnold stands between Williams and death.

The two men have met before on Venice beach where Arnold told the person he was with that Williams’ arms looked more like two legs. (The prior meeting is thrown in there for those of you who don’t find that fact that Arnold is reviewing this or any death penalty case isn’t already weird enough).

So what will Arnold do?

On one hand, few publicly-known inmates have moved in the rehab direction more than Williams who is credited (even by some critics) with helping to urge kids to avoid gangs (although some argue he still runs part of the Crips show from the joint).

On the other hand, Gov Arnold clearly has future political aspirations. Forget the need for a constitutional amendment. If Arnold grants clemency to Tookie, he will essentially be kissing a White House run goodbye. His own party would eat him alive over this issue.

But forget the politics. This story is really about surrealism.

A guy most famous for being called the Terminator is now the one person who can grant clemency in one of the most watched capital cases in the country.

Concentration is important!