. . . Monday October 3, 2005

Writeboard Gets it Right

There will be those workgroups who need something more complex. But for me, and I’m guessing a lot of folks, it’s been a long wait for an elegant and simple online shared document space.

Yes. That’s it. Efficiency through simplicity. I create a document. Those on my team edit that document. I see the changes. The changes are tracked. My life just got a whole lot less complicated. And I just started using this product today.

And if I need something more powerful, 37 Signals has other applications I can migrate to.

It’s easy, it’s elegant, it’s smooth, it has big buttons and it’s just what you’d expect from the team behind some of the most awe-inspiringly simple tools on the net.

It’s called WriteBoard and it’s all write by me.

Concentration is important!