. . . Wednesday October 19, 2005

The Iraq Marketing Campaign

Howard Fineman on the Bush team and Plame:

In essence, the Bush-Rove campaign machine was redeployed in the service of selling of the Iraq war and, later, in defense of that sale. Did they go over the line in doing so? We’re about to find out.

In the meantime (and in another twist on the poetic justice them), the very discipline of the machine itself — its short internal supply lines, the consistently followed talking points, the focus on feeding friends and obliterating enemies — could be helping Fitzgerald. Tightly knit groups rise together, but they fall together. If the inner circle is small, it takes only one insider “flip” to endanger the rest.

There is a media angle here as well. Why is it all about the spinners spinning too far? Isn’t there something here about those who are supposed to be watching the spinners?

Why was the spin around Michael Brown attacked so much more aggressively than the spin around a full out war?

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