. . . Friday October 14, 2005

The Apple of My I

Jack Shafer wonders why Apple gets so much crazy, positive pub whenever they release a new product.

He gives some interesting reasons. Here’s mine:

Because most journalists either use a Mac or wish they did. There is no other choice for the creative type and they are writers.

Ask yourself why the intersection between blogs and media is a story that never, ever ends (even though the entire dialogue is often misguided, boring or both)? It’s pretty simple really.

A lot of journalists have blogs. Even more read them regularly.

Why the latter? Because a lot of blogs riff off of the writing in mainstream pubs. And no one can resist reading what others have to say about their own work.

I write about Macs all the time. I have a Mac. And if you write about me writing about them, I promise, I’ll be reading that too.

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