. . . Friday October 28, 2005

Scooter and Co

Josh Marshall points out that Libby’s official jobs include being an assistant to the President. Josh also pulls this critical quote from the indictment:

On or about June 12, 2003, LIBBY was advised by the Vice President of the United States that Wilson’s wife worked at the Central Intelligence Agency in the Counterproliferation Divison. LIBBY understood that the Vice President had learned this information from the CIA.

I still think the most important question in all of this is what W knew and when he knew it. And my focus is not a legal or political one. It’s psychological.

When Bush made the remarks about yellow cake, did he know they weren’t quite on the mark? When Wilson was getting slammed and his wife outed, was W in on the plot?

This is critical.

For a man who prizes loyalty above all else, the idea that his closest and most trusted team members would be operating behind his back would be a dramatic blow.

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