. . . Wednesday October 12, 2005

Pumping Iron in Kabul

I will admit that Current TV doesn’t quite work yet.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think this network has the feeling of an early MTV. But there is something even more important about Current: What they show us.

Now, all this needs to take into account that Current does not seem particularly popular on the tube or the web yet. There are major problems when it comes to marketing (starting with the Al Gore related sense that this was going to be Air America for television; it’s not. Way not.) and programming (Life is random, Current is too random). But there is something here.

Last night, I watched a short piece (they’re all short on Current) called Built in Kabul. You can watch it here.

Here is the description of the piece from the Current site:

Built in Kabul is a 6-minute film about a side of Afghanistan you haven’t seen. There is an unfamiliar sound in Kabul-it is the clink of metal hitting metal. It is hard not to notice the young men who are eagerly congregating in small rooms. No, these men are not gathering to form new terrorism cells, but to pump iron.

The truth is that almost every side is the side of Afghanistan we haven’t seen. You can watch a whole lot of news without ever seeing any details involving regular people living their lives in Afghanistan. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a regular person talking about some aspect of their lives in Kabul? Forget even that – When was the last time you saw a car or a building that wasn’t blown up?

Watch the piece linked to above. It is a side of Kabul you’ve never seen. And that seems pretty cool to me.

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