. . . Monday October 3, 2005

My Friend, Yahoo and the Expansion of Human Knowledge

My buddy Dave Mandelbrot, who has worked on some of the more exciting projects over at Yahoo (including their wildly undermarketed subscription search tool which is such a clear differentiator it should be shouted about from the mountain tops – or at least be somewhere other than buried in advanced search), is at it again.

This time the big idea is about digitizing books. Yahoo and the good folks at the Internet Archive are working on a major project to make digitized copies of books available for viewing and for download, all with the permission of the copyright holders.

“Our goal is to help with the expansion of human knowledge,” said Dave Mandelbrot, Yahoo’s vice president of search content. “What we’d like to see in two or three years is a major collaborative effort where libraries are contributing material and publishers are providing permission” to digitize their content.

Meanwhile, Dave has also been moonlighting as a popular Searchroll creator over at my new site Rollyo.

Expect this to be the tech story of the day on Monday… (the part about the digitizing of books, Dave’s Rollyo Searchroll may take a week or two to achieve that kind of coverage).

While you’re waiting, there’s also this from Dave.

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