. . . Monday October 17, 2005

Direct Competition

In the last few quarters, DirecTV’s growth has slowed (though they are massive by any measure).

What gives?

Part of it, as the above-referenced article suggests, is due to the ability of cable and phone operators to sell package deals.

I think part of the issue could be timing and technology.

I bought DirecTV service for a few basic reasons.

1. I wanted HD channels.
2. I wanted a one piece Tivo Unit.
3. I wanted the NFL package.

Well here it is a few years later. I have fewer HD channels than my friends with Comcast. I’m still waiting for the promise of local channels (translation, networks) in my area (and I live in the Bay Area, so you’d think we’d be towards the top of the list). Tivo is facing stiff competition and even DirecTV is planning another PVR offering soon. And I still have my NFL package which is exclusive to DTV and continues to improve greatly each season.

But what if you don’t like the NFL? Are the hassles associated with DirecTV really worth it?

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