. . . Monday October 24, 2005

Dick, Joe and a Dude on His Way Home

So after his guest pundits had salivated their way through an hour of discourse about the massive NY Times story explaining that Tenet told Cheney and Cheney told Libby, Joe Scarborough paused, looked at the screen and explained why some guy on his way home from work in middle America should care about this story.

It was something to this effect: Because if James Carville had leaked the identity of a CIA agent, the Republicans would be all over him right now.

If you believe that, you are officially out of your mind (a strong likelihood in the age of instant and often insane political punditry and attacks).

Forget the partisanship. Follow the bodies.

This story is about kids in Iraq and it’s about being able to trust your leadership.

For all our perceived and exaggerated differences, something tells me the guy driving home from work in middle America knows full well what this story is about.

The latest on Libby and the gang here…

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