. . . Monday October 17, 2005

Could the Libby Rove Scandal Hurt the Dems?

It might not be on purpose, but so far, the Dems are playing the Plame scandal just right: Don’t pile on, just let the damage to Rove and Libby happen on its own.

But here’s a scary thought: The whole scandal may end up hurting the Dems and the so-called intellectual elite.


Well, let’s say the legal part of the case doesn’t come together and Rove and Libby are down but not out.

Well who else has been hurt in all of this?

You know who. The New York Times. And the Times is nothing if not the emblem of the Left Wing media elite that the Right has been scapegoating all of these years (even though they’ve also been winning).

So what happens if a year from now, people have forgotten about the Rove and Libby part of the scandal, but their trust in mainstream media has been scarred?

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