. . . Wednesday September 7, 2005

Waiting on iTunes Wireless

So Apple has finally introduced their iPod phone with Motorola.

The question is, what took so long?

Well, here’s the rub. Apple and Motorola have everything to gain by releasing such a product. The hang-up was at the carrier level.

See, carriers make dough when you use their airwaves. So synching with your iTunes doesn’t sound nearly as good as you downloading content over the wireless network.

But Cingular is now on-board. Why?

My guess is that Apple sweetened the deal by offering up a wireless version of the iTunes store. Cell phone carriers like Cingular believe that you’ll pay a little more to get stuff sent directly to your phone (and ringtones prove them righter than right). Maybe the iTunes wireless store will charge you the same 99 cents plus your airtime charges.

So keep your ear to the iPod phone and be listening for a wireless iTunes music store to be playing Cingular’s song soon.

Update: Looks like you can indeed buy iTunes music from the new phone. The vibe among early adopters is that users will never pay 2 bucks (the going rate) to get a song wirelessly when they can buy the same song for a buck at the regular iTunes store.

Anyone wanna bet?

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