. . . Monday September 26, 2005

Network of Second Tries

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but in an interesting marketing move, Google is now featuring the entire first episode of Everybody hates Chris.

Just in case you thought Google was planning to cede the entertainment side of things to Yahoo, think again (though, they have a lot of catching up to do for sure).

The video itself looks good and streams well.

Here’s the opportunity I see when it comes to online video.

Someone should be the network for second tries. What do I mean? There are many shows that have dedicated audiences. But those audiences are not as big as they need to be to keep a primetime spot.

But they are big enough to sell tons of DVDs and they are big enough to have developed a following that is in the millions.

So why not create an online network that signs these shows once they’re dropped from the network? The networks have already done the expensive marketing. A following has been built.

And, as we all know, the web is a much more seamless environment for viral marketing and you are starting with a group of viewers who love your shows and want them to be popular and stay in production.

Then of course, there are the onDemand and DVD sales, etc. The video quality is now good enough to make a go of this I think.

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