. . . Wednesday September 14, 2005

Little Chainsaw on the Prairie

Garrison Keillor on Congress:

The BDEA is the anti-Janet Jackson’s-nipple bill that makes broadcasters liable for fines of up to $500,000 for any obscene, indecent or profane material they disseminate. Every congressman who voted for it should have his or her name engraved on a brass plaque on the Monument to Cowardice…

The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act illustrates beautifully why the American people’s opinion of Congress is only slightly more favorable than our view of telemarketers and drunken drivers. You need go no further. Congress can sometimes be so removed from reality that it goes after a mosquito with a chainsaw. The word for this is dementia.

I would feel better about the law if Congress held itself to the same high standards and subjected members of Congress who utter obscene, indecent or profane things to the same heavy penalties.

Yeah dude.

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