. . . Monday September 26, 2005

Come Together

It may seem totally counterintuitive to some, but when it comes to education, nearly every study has indicated that diversity works:

Over the last decade, black and Hispanic students here in Wake County have made such dramatic strides in standardized reading and math tests that it has caught the attention of education experts around the country.

The main reason for the students’ dramatic improvement, say officials and parents in the county, which includes Raleigh and its sprawling suburbs, is that the district has made a concerted effort to integrate the schools economically.

And yes, this does mean that the rich and/or smart kids get smarter too. And it’s not just race or economics. At every level, diversity tends to lead to higher performance.

There is a professor at the Harvard Grad School of Education who has been teaching this fact for years. Bet he’s pretty happy to be seeing the message spread.

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