. . . Thursday September 15, 2005

Breaking News: Google Enters Search Business

There seems be a general attitude that the entrance of Google into the blog search space means the end for the smaller players in the space.

I wonder about that.

For general search, sure, it will hurt.

But for the most part, I don’t even see companies like Technorati and Feedster as really being in the search space, at least not completely. Look at Technorati’s recent deals with Newsweek, etc. They are in the conversation business, not the visit a site and search for a word business.

Here’s another thing to consider. Every person on the teams at every one of these smaller start-ups has known forever that Google was going to launch blog search. Their investors certainly took this risk factor into account.

I’m not trying to suggest that Google’s much delayed entry into the blog search space was greeted by shouts of joy across the search-related start-up landscape. But it wasn’t a surprise. And it’s unclear just how much the move will impact the other players.

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