. . . Thursday September 15, 2005

As We Know To Our Cost

Longtime readers know that I have long pushed a political philosophy I call Pragmatic Self-Preservationism.
See this and this for some backgound.

Tony Blair is the leading political spokesperson for this philosophy, and this was made especially clear during his brief address to the UN:

Failed states, as we know to our cost, fail us all…

And when we look with revulsion, as we should, at the misery of the millions who die in Africa and elsewhere through preventable famine, disease and conflict, the urgency to act is driven not just by conscience but by an inner sense that one day, if we refuse to act, we will reap a dire reward from our refusal…

So the challenge is clear; the values clear; the self-interest in upholding them together also clear.

The path to self-preservation and long standing super-powerdom goes not only to the Middle East but through Africa and the drug war torn countries to our south.

Concentration is important!