. . . Monday August 1, 2005

Where Blogs are Imperative

Around these parts, there are plenty of folks who see blogging as just one more avenue for what is often uninvited and uninspiring self-expression. These critics often point, naively, to the “For breakfast this morning I had two pancakes” type of post (not that there is anything wrong with those).

But there are other places where these acts of self expression via new paths of communication are an undeniably big deal:

Millions of Chinese, it turns out, are trying to get some attention — though Beijing is doing its best to keep undesirables … out of the virtual conversation. China today has about 3 million bloggers, according to market researcher Analysys International. And there’s no shortage of potential recruits: More than 100 million Chinese now use the Internet, up 18% in just the past six months, while the 360 million Chinese with cell phones may soon join in as mobile blogging takes off. “Blogs will go through an explosive growth period,” predicts 37-year-old Fang Xingdong, whose writings about technology and the Internet have made him one of China’s top bloggers.

What I’m talking about is here is the, “For breakfast this morning I had an until recently unimaginable plate of free expression” type of post.

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