. . . Thursday August 18, 2005

Webmail by the Numbers

Over the past day or so I’ve been collecting email addresses from those folks who have expressed interest in being part of a beta test for a new site I am about to launch.

So let’s take a look at the latest webmail and AOL numbers.

Here is a breakdown of email address percentages from the first thousand or so sign-ups (with the caveat that a large number of these addresses belong to designers, web developers and other early adopters).

4.5% of the addresses are from AOL.

7% of the addresses are from Hotmail.

15% of the addresses are from Yahoo.

25% of addresses are from Gmail.

It’s pretty amazing how quicky Gmail has become the webmail of choice for the cool kids.

And it’s equally amazing that so many people still can’t seem to shake AOL.

These numbers are ultimately all about page views for more ad words. So the Gmail lead is not insignificant.

Again, these numbers are all about early adopters (narrowed to those who have the good taste to want to beta test my new site), but they are worth noting. If Gmail could approach this kind of a breakdown in the mainstream, it would have a big impact on all involved.

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