. . . Thursday August 4, 2005

Walking Under Eggshells

One side of the environmental debate warns that we’re recklessly abusing natural resources and causing great damage with our behavior.

The other side writes that off as a left wing exaggeration.

So why don’t we ask the opinion of someone in space who is actually looking at the planet from above, like, say, Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins?

Sometimes you can see how there is erosion, and you can see how there is deforestation. It’s very widespread in some parts of the world. We would like to see, from the astronauts’ point of view, people take good care of the Earth and replace the resources that have been used. The atmosphere almost looks like an eggshell on an egg, it’s so very thin. We know that we don’t have much air, we need to protect what we have.

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