. . . Wednesday August 3, 2005

The WiFi Bandit Strikes Again

A few weeks ago, I was taking photos at an AppleStore event being thrown by my wife’s company Splendora.

I couldn’t help but notice one person who spent the entire duration of the four hour event sitting in one of the store’s theater seats and using the free wi-fi.

That much I suppose is OK. But then I noticed that the person was using a Windows machine (and not a particularly cool one at that). I also noticed that the person was busy playing hand after hand of online poker at my site of choice – and there is an irony here because pokerroom.com is really the only decent poker site that works for Mac users.

I wondered about this while I was there, but haven’t thought much about it since. Now, after browsing a few blogs, I’ve realized that this poker playing wi-fi bandit is actually becoming something of a star in the blogosphere.

Remarkably weird, really. But enjoyable in the Mahir I kiss you sense.

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