. . . Tuesday August 2, 2005

The Carbohydrate Strikes Back

What has rice growers dancing in the street, bread makers high fiving amidst flour clouds, and bakers trash talking so aggressively as to make a pro boxer cringe?

The Atkins Empire has declared bankruptcy.

At the peak of the low and no carb movement, nearly twenty percent of all Americans had tried some kind of lower carb diet. That number quickly and violently plummeted when we realized we were still, uh, husky.

Many cultures that feature a heavy dose of carbs in their diets happen to be a lot thinner than Americans. Could all of this have something to do with portion size? In my house, when we serve dinner family style, it usually means that I eat enough to feed a family.

I should cut back. And maybe I will. I just want to wait until the next massive diet fad emerges. I have a feeling that one might work.

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