. . . Wednesday August 24, 2005

Six Feet Over

Thoughts on Six Feet Under’s funeral from Steven Johnson:

There’s more to say, but I should probably just let go. I had a genuine feeling last night watching the finale that I was going to miss these people, which I can honestly say I’ve never had with a television show before. I suspect I’m not alone in feeling that way.

Being a tube addict, I often miss people on shows even between episodes.

But Six Feet was different. I thought the show dropped off quite a bit after year two (about the time Nate stopped getting high and screaming for half an episode) but at its best, this may have been as good as dramatic television has ever been.

And the level of the show rose once again during this final season to make the hurt of its demise just that much more depressing. But how else, really, could it have gone?

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