. . . Thursday August 25, 2005

Scientific Discovery dot ES, pt 2 and 3

Dateline Sitges, Spain.

OK, another day and two more reasons that everyone here in Europe is thinner than everyone back home in the U.S.

1. They play music at an incredible volume in the gyms. Sure, we have our iPods. But it’s different when the music is playing out loud for all to hear. Test my hypothesis:

Crank a little Ring My Bell with a large group of friends or co-workers and just watch the calories burn.

2. More important factor: Everyone here is hot. I’m from Nor-Cal, so I’m used to feeling good about myself on the elyptical trainer for a second or two only to have that self image shattered by a row of 35 anorexic robots who are going twice as fast and whose sweat smells of rose petals.

But then I leave the gym, head out into the world, and I’m like, “Hello my old friends.”

Here, I leave the gym – and I’m pretty sure our hotel pool doubles as a way (or weigh) station for Spanish Vogue models who are between shoots – and the people are still hot.

I’m tempted to just head back into the gym again – although, I think I will opt instead for an American sized order of Tapas.

Porque no?

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