. . . Wednesday August 3, 2005

Push-Ups, Jogging, and Uploads

I taught high school for several years, got a graduate degree in education and built a non-profit site for Bay Area high school students and teachers, so I’ve given some fairly extensive thought to the points where school and technology should meet.

I must admit that taking PE classes online never really occurred to me (not even during the dot com boom where nearly every other angle did).

Turns out that today, many students take PE online. They do the exercise solo and then enter their workouts (vouched for by parents) into a web site.

This will all either sound crazy or ingenious to you depending on your athletic prowess. When I was in junior high and performing in the Presidential Physical Fitness program, I held the flex hang for such a remarkably short time that my PE teacher decided to give me a break and give me credit for a half of a pull-up instead.

Add that to the fact that I would rather be beaten with a large stick than to disrobe in public and, yeah, online PE sounds pretty cool to me. After all, I’m like the Lance Armstrong of entering data into a website.

Concentration is important!