. . . Thursday August 11, 2005


Jeanine Pirro’s campaign against Hillary got off to a rough start as she lost a page of her speech and fell silent for a long pause:

But while formally launching her campaign at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, Pirro inopportunely lost a page from her printed remarks. The Republican, who decided not to seek a fourth term as district attorney, paused for more than half a minute just as she began a criticism of Clinton.

After the long silence, she turned to one of her advisers, Michael McKeon, a political strategist and former aide to Gov. George Pataki, and said, “Do you have Page 10?” He handed it to her.

While this deadtime received most of the press coverage, Pirro’s biggest early problem was that she allowed her campaign to be framed by responding the the suggestion that her run was merely about bloodying Hillary Clinton ahead of the Senator’s possible presidential run.

But none of this matters, folks. We are in the age of hate politics. Pirro’s strategies and familiarity with the issues will be near non-factors (as is the fact that on many issues she’s sounds pretty much like a Democrat).

Next time she loses page 10, she should just repeat the mantra: “I’m not Hillary.”

Why complicate matters for her backers?

Concentration is important!