. . . Monday August 8, 2005

Me and My Mom Were on the Internet Today

So the other day, my wife and I saw this cool, small movie called Me, You and Everyone We Know. The film was very unique and I highly recommend it. The best part of the movie was this little kid actor named Brandon Ratcliff.

That night, when we got home, my wife immediately posted a blog entry about the movie (yes, we’re both sort of crazy that way).

A few days later, we’re sitting around reading through our blogs (yes, we’re both sort of crazy that way) and we notice that Brandon Ratcliff has commented on my wife’s post.

Ms. Gina,

Me and my mom were on the internet today and saw your blog. Thanks for going to see the movie and thanks for all the nice things you said about me.

I saw your picture on your site. I really like it. You look really fancy!

Brandon Ratcliff

Th kid thinks my wife looks fancy.

Is the web the coolest thing ever or what?

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