. . . Tuesday August 9, 2005

It’s None of Your Business

The human and agonizing angle of today’s announcement that Dana Reeve has lung cancer is undeniable and intense.

But I’m not linking to any stories about it. Because it’s none of my business.

Ms. Reeve, already forced to live an overly public life under the worst of circumstances, only came public with her illness because one of the celebrity tabloids was about to serve up the headline themselves.

Stop for a second and think of just how sick the tabloids have become. We’re not talking here about a couple of smooching teen stars whose two day relationship is being marketed by publicists in order to move some opening day blockbuster movie tickets.

Here, some “investigative” reporter spent his or her time hot on the tale of the following story: Dana Reeve is really, really sick.

I enjoy the occasional celebrity scoop and I understand that trash journalism sells not only newspapers, but also the movies, music and TV that Hollywood produces.

But I also understand that when you give a couple bucks to the National Enquirer, some of that dough is being used to hire snoops and sneaks to follow Dana Reeve.

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