. . . Monday August 22, 2005

Going with the Current

Those who expect a television counterpart to Air America when they flip over to Al Gore’s Current TV will be really disappointed.

But the network may, in the long run, surprise on the upside.

Current, and their excellent website give one the distinct vibe of MTV in the early days.

And let’s be realistic: Today’s version of youth entertainment is little more than yesterday’s version of soft porn – which is exactly why forty year old men are a lot more excited about MTV than 12 year olds who, in their days of unscrambled access to a constant flow of sexuality, have been desensitized to the occasional shaking ass.

Current TV is youth entertainment without the constant effort at sexual titillation. And in this day and age, that’s groundbreaking.

It’s not perfect, that’s for sure. But it is interesting and it has been improving since the first day when a new father shared the inside of a full diaper with an unsuspecting audience.

Most important, it has a feel. It’s the feel of something that could be pretty damn big. And you can quote me on that in a decade or so.

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