. . . Tuesday August 9, 2005

BB? Si Si

Hey, am I crazy or does this sound like the makings of a great idea:

A photographer was shot in the leg with a BB gun while staked outside a home where he believed Britney Spears was attending a party. The incident occurred Saturday night (August 6) outside a Malibu home were Britney is said to be a frequent guest. A sheriff’s lieutenant in Malibu told the Associated Press, “It could’ve been somebody driving by, walking by, we have no idea where it came from.” He said that the man had been treated, bandaged, and sent to a local hospital.

The photographer was one of about 10 paparazzi staking out the home in hopes of a photo of Britney. The group was standing in the street about 200 yards from the home.

Doesn’t shooting paparazzi sound like a perfectly reasonable idea?

And maybe a decent reality show…

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