. . . Monday July 25, 2005

Welcome to the New Me

Electablog and Davenetics are now one blog…

You can get the details here.

Cruise around the new site. There might be a few kinks, but I think we’ve got it pretty buttoned down. Whether you were a Davenetics (now Davenetics:Media) reader, an Electablog (now Davenetics:Politics) reader, or both, I think you’ll be happy with the new combination. And there is now a new category called Musings for all the posts that don’t quite fit.

Because this is going out to the readers of each individual blog, this post is in both the Media and Politics categories. In general, though, post categories will be distinct.

You can still read the the blogs the way you used to. Only a few names have been changed.

All of your old RSS feeds will still work. I recommend scrapping them and instead opting for the new main Davenetics feed that includes posts from all the categories. You can make your selection on the new Syndicate Page.

And by all means, your feedback is invited.

It all may seem like a small change in the big scheme of things. But after all of these years of blogging one way, it’s actually a fairly massive psychological shift for me to be making the change.

It’s sort of like when Tiger Woods changed to a different set of clubs.

Well, that analogy doesn’t really work, because Tiger was great before making the switch. But with all of the pressure surrounding the change, I couldn’t come up with a decent Pauly Shore analogy.

Concentration is important!