. . . Monday July 11, 2005

Ticking Time Bombs

It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the London bombings were seemingly intended to disrupt the G8 meetings where some of the world’s leaders were busy earmarking more money to combat poverty in Africa. And of course, it was Tony Blair himself who was leading that charge, so the bombs were even more politcally damaging (or could have been) to the world’s poorest people.

It also pays, as we mourn along with the citizens of what I think is the world’s greatest city (due in no small part to its inspiring diversity), to keep in mind the intensity of the two problems fused in our minds during the course of one terrible morning.

In the span of time during which the London bombs were detonated, about 1,140 children in Africa died of causes related to their extreme poverty.

I am not trying to set up some kind of competition over who had it the worst that day. I simply want to make sure that we don’t allow the sick murderers who planned the London bombings to add distracting the world from an urgent and righteous cause to their already long list of crimes against humanity.

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