. . . Wednesday July 27, 2005

They Might be Giants

Greg Lindsay has an interesting take in Business 2.0 in which he suggests that the window for unknowns to podcast their way to audio stardom may already be shut:

But it does mean that podcasting’s wildcatting era is over before it ever really began. An unknown number of those Apple-made microstars will convince themselves that they hold a first-mover advantage in an untapped medium and that there is at least a modest living to be made from a popular weekly podcast that maybe, just maybe, could become a bona fide media brand. Eventually they’ll fail, and they’ll fail faster than ever before. Because the sense of novelty attached to streaming audio and video — the sense that one could build a brand and a studio before big media showed up to play — has already passed when it comes to podcasting. For the first time in the history of the Net, big media showed up early to play.

It is amazing how quickly mainstream brands have taken to the podcasting craze. Compare that with the sluggish and at times undetectable acknowledgement that blogs are sort of neato (and the related unwillingness to publicly acknowledge my nearly unimaginable ability to wow the masses).

Does podcasting’s adoption mean the end of opportunity for the little guy? And if so, it makes you think. What would have happened had blogs been adopted earlier by big media?

Actually, come to think of it, I’d still probably be reading Kottke…

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