. . . Thursday July 28, 2005

Kids Today…

There are some interesting findings in the latest Pew survey on teens and the ways they communicate.

Teens use landline phones a lot more than you might have imagined (hint: Mom and Dad pay for the landline).

Girls are becoming the power users among this demographic (which mean teen boys are now officially better at nothing other than answering trivia questions about the various nicknames Chris Berman invents during Sportscenter and NFL Primetime).

Contrary to what you might have imagined, social teens are the ones who are more likely to put in extra hours in front of the computer.

We have some findings that suggest that teen Internet users are more connected. They spend more time face-to-face than non-Internet users. They seem to have more friends and spend more time with them. The Internet is not necessarily taking people away from their social lives.

No word on whether this trend extends to 38 year old men with receding hairlines, TiVo addictions, a false sense of youth (thinking, for example, that they could still probably blend in during Spring Break in Cancun), carpal tunnel, low back pain, and an urgent, unholy need to immediately publish every random thought that pops into their noggin.

Oh yeah, and the survey also found that the teens questioned think people who give, analyze, disseminate or blog about surveys are complete dorks.

Concentration is important!