. . . Monday July 25, 2005

Is That a Homing Beacon in Your Pocket or…

It turns out that meeting someone via online dating is about to become the equivalent of picking up someone for a first date on horseback. In other words, decidedly old school.

The hip new kids know online dating is over and that it’s now all about mobile dating (at least until the brain chip implants are ready).

Prospective couples are now meeting each other via their cell phones. And best of all, the phone knows where you are in relation to the possible object of your affection.

This certainly adds a new urgency algorithm to the dating game.

You will ultimately be confronted by the following choice.

Either you can approach someone who is a nearly ideal match but is a few miles away or you can have someone who isn’t all that close to being a match but who is only a few feet away when it comes to physical proximaty.

Have a few Red Bulls and Vodka before answering…

Concentration is important!