. . . Wednesday July 20, 2005

Important Note for Electablog Readers

In the next several days, Electablog will become part of Davenetics. It will still be a separate category, so if you just want politics, that’s what you will get. Your current RSS feed will still get only political headlines.

Electablog will become:

Davenetics : Politics

The current Davenetics blog will become:

Davenetics : Media

and there will be a new section called Musings that will include all those random takes that defy categorization (and in many cases, common sense).

I made this decision to merge the blogs after getting a ton of great feedback from many of you. So thanks for the advice. I felt it made sense to have one brand since I can still maintain the distinct categories for those of you who prefer things the way they are. You will see the same familiar look, colors, everything.

And there are other new and exciting features I will be rolling out in the next week.

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