. . . Wednesday July 27, 2005

Here’s Looking at Me

Over at Yahoo, they’re starting to tie more things in with their 360 service. This makes perfect sense. The more open it is, the more traction the service will get.

Yahoo is helping to develop a trend (Tribe.net has been doing some interesting things as well) on the web I’d like to see accelerate. Your 360 now includes Flickr photos, rss feeds, etc. This collection of content and feeds is both a page that is useful to you, and serves as your profile page for the outside world.

This makes perfect sense. If you want to see a page that really gives you an idea of what I’m about, then you should be able to check out My MyYahoo page. You’ll know what news I like, what stocks I own, what photos I’m looking at (and likely be able to pick up on a few of my subtle perversions). And of course, you’d see the headlines from this blog.

As much as any page on the web, my MyYahoo page is really my profile. You don’t need one profile page and one page that you actually use as a tool. They can be the same.

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